Summer 2018 Deep-Dive Workshop

July 8 - August 30, 2018

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Take control of your online presence.

The Student Web Portfolio Workshop is a program that teaches the strategies and techniques you'll need to gear up and launch a personal website that you can use to promote yourself and build a positive online presence.

Use it as part of your college process, with applications for scholarships and internships, or for employment opportunities. You’ll get expert guidance from experienced educators every step of the way.

Why build a web portfolio?

Cut through the clutter.

Differentiate yourself from among dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other candidates as you pursue competitive placement in schools, programs and jobs. How many of your peers can say they have their own site?

Get Noticed.

Imagine handing out a card with your web address on it during every interview and college visit. Let your web portfolio dazzle them with the best of what you have to offer and build a positive online presence for everyone who searches for you online.

Promote Yourself.

Wherever you are—online or in person—you'll be ready to demonstrate why others should take notice of you. You'll also establish an agile platform for promoting and showcasing yourself as you continue with your academic and professional career.

Join us for our next Deep-Dive Workshop at Watkinson School in Hartford, CT

 4 Online/Independent Weeks

 4 In-Person Deep-Dive Sessions

In-Person Deep-Dive Sessions will meet on four Thursdays from 6 PM - 8 PM in the Solarium at Watkinson School, plus we'll kick things off with a brief group meeting on Thursday, July 12th. Please see below for meeting dates.

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Week Date Type
1 July 8, 2018 Online Access Begins
July 12, 2018 In-Person Kickoff/Signup Deadline
2 July 19, 2018 In-Person Deep-Dive
3 July 22, 2018 Online/Independent
4 August 2, 2018 In-Person Deep-Dive
5 August 5, 2018 Online/Independent
6 August 16, 2018 In-Person Deep-Dive
7 August 19, 2018 Online/Independent
8 August 30, 2018 In-Person Deep-Dive

Enrollment is Now Open

Limited Availability — Signup Deadline is July 12, 2018

Westfield Students

Use code SUMMERVOICE to enroll and get $50 off the regular price!

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Watkinson School Students

Enrollment is open to Watkinson students in Grades 11, 12, or the Academy, based upon availability.


Please Contact Ms. O'Brien to Enroll